Registration fees

City taxes, VAT and service charge may increase without notice and such change will be reflected in final rates.


March 10, 2020
June 16, 2020
June 17, 2020
Doctor - MASCC MemberEUR 575EUR 675EUR 850
Nurse / Other HCP's / Scientist - MASCC Member EUR 375EUR 550EUR 725
Doctor Student / Trainee - MASCC MemberEUR 275EUR 350EUR 375
Nurse Student / Other HCP's Student / Scientist Student - MASCC Member EUR 175EUR 200EUR 225
Doctor - Non Member*EUR 775EUR 850EUR 1000
Nurse / Other HCP's / Scientist - Non MemberEUR 500EUR 675EUR 850
Doctor Student / Trainee - Non MemberEUR 450EUR 550EUR 625
Nurse Student / Other HCP's Student / Scientist Student - Non Member EUR 250EUR 325EUR 375
Accompanying person**EUR 100EUR 100EUR 100
Patient Advocate***EUR 175EUR 200EUR 225

*ALL STUDENTS MUST provide a letter from the Director of the Program/Supervisor indicating they are a full-time student that is receiving a stipend and not full-time employed. Students who are also full-time employed will not be eligible.

**Accompanying  person registration allows access to the Welcome Reception only

***Patient advocate may register to attend MASCC at a reduced rate. This reduced registration category is reserved exclusively for patient advocates and is not intended for medical professionals.


March 10, 2020
June 16, 2020
June 17, 2020
Daily pass on Thursday 25 June 2020EUR 275EUR 350EUR 350
Daily pass on Friday 26 June 2020EUR 275EUR 350EUR 350
Daily pass on Saturday 27 June 2020EUR 275EUR 350EUR 350


Paying Industry ParticipantEUR 200


MASCC/ISOO Presidential DinnerEUR 115


March 10, 2020
June 16, 2020
June 17, 2020
All workshops EUR 50EUR 75EUR 150


Content Capture – Your key to a full year of learning

In the ongoing aim of MASCC/ISOO to support the supportive cancer care community with the best available practices and provide members with the most accessible and up-to-date research, MASCC/ISOO 2020 is collecting the contributions from all presenters in the meeting in digitally recorded format. The purpose of the recording is to offer these State-of-the-Art presentations to a wider audience and with this, the latest progress in clinical, research and patient oriented supportive care will also be available to those not able to follow the proceedings during the conference. Also, onsite delegates can attend any preferred session and know that they can access the concurrent proceedings at a later date.

Kindly note that:

  • The presentations will be recorded as a series of slides, accompanied by the speaker spoken comments and explanations during the session
  • The presentations should be accessible approximately 3 weeks after the Congress
  • The presentations will be accessible during 12 months
March 10, 2020
June 16, 2020
June 17, 2020
Doctor – MASCC MemberEUR 650EUR 750EUR 925
Nurse / Other HCP’s / Scientist – MASCC MemberEUR 450EUR 625EUR 800
Doctor Student / Trainee – MASCC MemberEUR 350EUR 425EUR 450
Nurse Student / Other HCP’s Student / Scientist Student – MASCC MemberEUR 250EUR 275EUR 300
Doctor – Non MemberEUR 850EUR 925EUR 1075
Nurse / Other HCP’s / Scientist – Non MemberEUR 575EUR 750EUR 925
Nurse Student / Other HCP’s Student / Scientist Student – Non MemberEUR 325EUR 400EUR 450
Patient AdvocateEUR 250EUR 275EUR 300

Terms and Conditions

Any enquiries or requests for additional information, modifications and cancellations are to be communicated to MCI Registration & Housing Team by email. The same rule applies to hotel reservations; please do not contact the hotel directly.

Registration fees deadlines

Early registrations will be accepted until Tuesday 10 March 2020, midnight CET.

Should your registration remain unpaid on Tuesday 24 March 2020, early registrations will be upgraded to the late registration fee.

As of Wednesday 11 March 2020, late registration fees apply for every new registration.

Should your registration remain unpaid on Tuesday 30 June 2020, late registrations fees will be upgraded to the Onsite registration fee.

From Wednesday 17 June 2020 & onsite, Onsite registration fee applies for every new registration.

Modification & Cancellation

For cancellations received prior to Tuesday 26 May 2020, midnight CET, deposits will be refunded less 25’% administrative charge. After this date, no refunds will be possible.

A handling fee of 40 EUR per registration will be charged for every registration modification received from Tuesday 26 May 2020.

If a badge is lost or forgotten onsite, an administrative fee of 80 EUR will be charged for the reprint of the badge after identity verification (passport, driving license or other recognised identification documents).

Group Procedure

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive the online access for your group portal. You will be able to enter names and allocate your registrations, download documents.

Names of all participants (registration and/or accommodation) must be submitted and reservations assigned online before Wednesday 27 May 2020.

General Payment Conditions

All payments are to be made in Euros (EUR / €). VAT may increase without notice and any such change will be reflected in final rates.

From Thursday 14 May 2020, only payments by credit card will be accepted.

Modifications and/or new registrations made on-site will require immediate payment (by cash or credit card).

An invoice to be settled upon receipt will be issued upon written confirmation. This invoice will act as a contract, and once issued, the above payment and cancellation conditions will apply.

Full payment of services is requested when registering (Credit Card &/or Bank Transfer). No confirmation or invitation letter will be sent until MCI has received the payment.

In accordance with DIRECTIVE 2011/7/EU, late payment interest will be charged in the amount of 8% above the European Central Bank’s base reference rate.

Methods of Payment:

Credit card: only Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted.

Please note that the merchant name that would appear on your credit card statement would be “MCI Group Satigny CHE”.

Bank transfer: please make your payment to:

MCI SUISSE SA, 9, Rue du Pré-Bouvier– 1242, Satigny, Geneva, Switzerland.

Bank: UBS SA, Rue des Noirettes 35 – CP 2600, 1227 Carouge – Switzerland.

Account number EUR : 240-369393.71L


IBAN: CH18 0024 0240 3693 9371 L

Please indicate the participant’s / group’s name, identifier and “MASCC 2020” on ALL payments (for example, MASCC 2020-I/XX or G/XX).

All costs are to be borne by the ordering customer. Please note that payments made by bank transfer could be subject to fees payable to your local bank.

Cheques: please note that payments by personal cheques are not accepted.

Additional Payment Conditions:

Service charge: A 4% service charge will apply on all payments. In case of cancellation, cancellation conditions will apply and the service charge will not be refunded.

VAT Number:

Important note: if your registration is covered by your company/institution who is established in the venue’s country, please make sure to provide your company/institution VAT number during your registration process in order to benefit from the reverse charge mechanism (registration fee is invoiced with no VAT). If the VAT number is not given at the time of the issuing of the registration invoice, it will not be possible to benefit from the reverse charge mechanism anymore.

Minimum age:

Registration and/or admittance to the Meeting shall be limited solely to participants who are 18 years of age or older, due to current health and safety regulations and legislation in effect. Any registration by anyone who is under 18 is unauthorized and in violation of these Terms and Conditions and will automatically result in the forfeit of their registration. You hereby accept that identification is to be provided to Meeting staff upon request. By registering to the Meeting or entering the Meeting you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you agree to and to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions of this Meeting.


Please visit the following website to check if you require a visa for Spain. Citizens of other countries may need a visa. Please contact your travel agent or the nearest Spain diplomatic authorities for further information. If you should need a visa, please apply early enough to allow sufficient handling time to the authorities.

During the reservation process, please tick the box and fill in the corresponding questionnaire in order to receive your Visa invitation letter. Please note that the VISA invitation letter will only be sent to participants who have paid their reservation fee.

Please note that neither MASCC nor MCI will be able to contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office on behalf of a registrant. The invitation letter does not financially or legally obligate MASCC or MCI in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to the event and to obtaining a visa are the sole responsibility of the registrant. MASCC and MCI do not accept any responsibility for travel, accommodation and/or other costs incurred due to the rejection of a registrant’s visa application.